about carla
Born and raised in Mexico City and growing up in a multicultural and bilingual environment to an American mother and Mexican father, speaking and switching in both languages is just the way it is. Why? No sé, it's just natural. Interchanging words, for emphasis or just because, is a given. I was brought up thinking in English and in Spanish, not one or the other- but BOTH. With more than a decade as graphic designer, I have a passion for beautiful and simple products. I was beheartened not to find any that would reflect my heritage and personality, and those of the people around me. I started designing my own cards ever since I can remember. To my surprise, the response was overwhelming. Not only did it appeal to those who were native speakers it also appealed to a larger audience. Spanish and English are amongst the top three most spoken languages in the world. Need I say more? No creo. Hence, Viva Greetings was born.

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